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Roundtable Institute and its Network (Roundtable; Chinese: Roundtable研究所及其網絡) was established in 2004, aiming at generating quality research to bring about the culture of research-based policy formation as well as creating a neutral, nonpartisan multicultural platform for younger generations' civic participation in HK.

Roundtable Institute and its Network is constituted by two separate yet closely-cooperated entities: Roundtable Institute (RI) and Roundtable Network (RN). Roundtable Institute is an independent research firm with the mission of contributing policy formulation and public discussion by quality research. Roundtable Network is a network for non-profit organizations (including registered charity and social organizations) sharing the mission of promoting multiculturalism, youth empowerment and civic engagement among younger generations of HK.

Diversity and multi-polarity are very much stressed by us. Our members include scholars, professionals, social workers, journalists, artists, district councilors, civil servants, members from various parties as well as students from universities and secondary schools local and abroad. Communicating amongst diversified background, their voices are converged in our platforms. We hope to be a vanguard in implementing and actualizing a fundamental paradigm shift in the HK.


In 2004, Roundtable Avant-garde Policy Research institute was established. Since the beginning, we hope to bring about a “paradigm shifts for tomorrow” in HK by providing a platform for younger generations to participate in public discussion and promoting the popularization of social sciences research. We formed different units with different areas of concerns, Avant-garde Research Laboratory was also found as a research arm to conduct research for Roundtable.

Upon the growth of membership, associate and member organizations, we renamed ourselves as Roundtable Social Sciences Network, and divided into two entities, Roundtable Community (RC) and Roundtable Patron Group (RPG) in 2007. Roundtable Community is a registered charity organization that organizes activities for younger generations’ civic participation and provides social services. It also includes the autonomous units, associate and member organizations that are handled by our members, that functions as NGOs according to their own rules. On the other hand, Roundtable Patron Group includes the privately-owned and operating units, with the purpose of achieving its financial sustainability and support the work of Roundtable Community. Avant-garde Research Laboratory was renamed to Powersoft Consultancy Limited as a privately-owned independent research consultancy. Besides conducting research for Roundtable Community, Powersoft donates its services and part of its revenue to Roundtable Community, as a member of Roundtable Patron Group.

In 2010, upon the growing social need for quality social sciences research for policy formulation and connecting research and societal issues, Roundtable reengineered and repositioned itself as a think tank plus. Roundtable Institute and its Network is constituted by two separate yet closely-cooperated entities: Roundtable Institute (RI), an independent research firm, and Roundtable Network (RN), a network for non-profit organizations. Roundtable Institute, having Powersoft Consultancy as the major unit, voluntarily handles more voluntary research for RN when appropriate. Roundtable Institute and its Network is a conceptual umbrella organization having the representatives from RI and RN to form the Governing Council. The Governing Council liaises between RI and RN to promote the missions, WITHOUT monitoring any financial or operational details and WITHOUT actual role in daily operations.

Roundtable Network (RN) is a network for non-profit organizations (including registered charity and social organizations) sharing the missions of promoting multiculturalism, youth empowerment and civic engagement among younger generations of HK. RN is governed by executive council with members elected by incumbent Host Table Partners.

RN has built up a mature neutral platform for members to participate public debates and an excellent flow of intellectual ideas. It is constituted by four units, which include Roundtable Community (RC, focusing on local issue), Roundtable Pioneers (RP, focusing on China and international affairs), URounders (a network for young graduates) and META (an independent cultural magazine with global perspective). The head of the four arms are appointed by members of executive council.

Besides the above four core units, there are also associate organizations and members organizations. Associate Organizations (AOs) are the autonomous organizations established by RN while Member Companies & Organizations (MOs) are the organizations sharing the same value of RN.

Each unit, associate and members organizations functions as NGOs according to their own rules. Their finances are reliant on donation and projects sponsorships. RI will donate part of their profits and support the work of RN; any paid project offered from RN to RI is FORBIDDEN.

Roundtable Community (RC)

RC is a vibrant charity that provides fresh outlooks to the society. We have introduced a training platform for the new generation of talented youths for Hong Kong's future development. Through sourcing and distributing mass amount of works by youngsters with high social awareness, ranging from commentaries on social issues to critiques on both local cultural scenes, RC has also built up a local service arm reaching the marginalized community in Hong Kong.

Roundtable Pioneers (RP)

RP is built as a platform for free debates and ensures an excellent flow of intellectual ideas and opinions to support sustainable development of the State and international community. We advocate liberal and rational discussions and dialogue in society. Through active interaction among all fields, every member of the society can give a hand in plotting the blueprint for the regional power in an international anarchy.

Roundtable Institute (RI), having Powersoft Consultancy as the major operating unit, is registered as a private share-holding company and governed by board of directors. By popularizing social sciences research, RI aims at bringing about public debate on social issues and public policy formulation with intellectual depth. RI will provide voluntary services on research and others to RN whenever appropriate.

Powersoft Consultancy Limited is the major research units of RI while Hong Kong Policy Research Institute is theregular contracted partner with RI. The online platform Roundtable Portal is also established as the common portal for disseminating our research reports and commentaries to generate deeper discussion.

Besides self-funded projects and voluntary services to RN, RI also receives commissioned projects from business sector, tenders from government and statutory bodies, and funded projects from the third sector with the professional ethics adhered. Part of the profit of RI will be donated to RN; any paid project from RN to RI is NOT allowed.

Powersoft Consultancy Ltd. (Powersoft)

Powersoft is an independent social sciences research company based in Hong Kong. Its mission is to popularize social science research to the general public and to bring about culture of research-based policy formation. With its strong academic background, research capacity, and social capital among the younger generation,it hopes to contribute to understand the social agenda in a fast-changing era.

Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI)

HKPRI was established as an independent public think tank in March 1995, which operates with the support of the community and aims at serving the whole community. The Institute believes that there is ample room for the development of a public think-tank in Hong Kong.

Associate Organizations (AO)
AO are the autonomous organization established by Roundtable.

* General Education Exchange Association
* Hong Kong International Relation Research Association
* Roundtable Social Science Society
* Hong Kong Greater China Research Association
* Roundtable Cultural Collective
* Responsible Travelers
* Roundtable Social Platform
* Urban Planning Studies Association

Member Companies & Organizations (MC&O)
Shared the same value with Roundtable, private companies or organisations joins us as our MC&O. These members will donate parts of its profit to our charity, if financial status allows.

Here are our member companies & organizations
* Hong Kong Readers
* Interactive Knowledge Walker
* Hong Kong Model United Nations Club
* NLP Walkers
* Roundtable General Education Laboratory
* Roundtable Publishing
* Roundtable Synergy Books