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May 26, 2011

May 25, 2011

April 01, 2011

(其他團體資訊)香港區全球針孔攝影日活動大曝光!Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day@Hong Kong Events!


所有於24.4.2011-1.5.2011拍攝的針孔照相作品均可上載到 成為年度全球針孔攝影日在線畫廊一份子,香港作品更可參加香港攝影文化協會舉辦的比賽。


ALL PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHS taken in between 24 APR to 1 MAY, 2011 will be eligible to upload at

Be part of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day online gallery. Photographs taken in Hong Kong will be eligible for the competition organised by Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association.

Apart from PRIZE AWARD, SELECTED WORK will be shown in an EXHIBITION.

針孔日期間活動包括 Event During WPPD:

香港區全球針孔攝影日比賽 MAY 1[deadline]Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (HK) Competition 香港名家針孔作品回顧座談會 Seminar by HK Famous Pinhole Photographers MAY2

香港名家及得獎作品攝影展 HK Famous Pinhole Photographers & Awarded Photos Exhibition

詳情 Details//

查詢 Enquiry// 27771955


hkpf 攝影節 Hong Kong Photographic Culture Assocation 香港攝影文化協會

Pinhole.HK 針孔香港

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