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Roundtable Institute and Network (Roundtable) was established in 2004, aiming at formulate and promote public policies based on the extensive research and principles of pluralism, rationalism and individual freedom. Roundtable strives to develop and present constructive and balanced views on various policy issues. Through our policy research and studies, we seek to contribute and understand our society. Our studies encompass a wide range of topics, which can be divided into several categories:

• China and International Studies
• Public Administration and Public Policy Studies
• Cultural and Heritage Studies
• Education-related Studies
• Youth-related Studies

The research and studies are conducted by our institutes and consultancies :

Powersoft Consultancy Ltd.

Powersoft is a social sciences research firm, registered management consultant at the Efficiency Unit of HKSAR Government. Powersoft combine in-depth information with diverse expertise to deliver grounded analysis. As a result, our services provide problem-solving abilities and build new opportunities for our clients with a wide range of specialties to facilitate an efficient transfer of knowledge.

The Hong Kong Policy Research Institute

HKPRI was established as an independent public think tank in March 1995. The basic philosophy of Institute is to uphold the concepts of “One Country, Two Systems” and the Basic Law. To enable Hong Kong to fulfill its important bridgehead role between Mainland China and the rest of the world, the intelligentsia of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must keep abreast of political, economical, and social international developments; and be able to respond efficiently to changing international circumstances and concern.