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Think Tank Plus

As an independent think-tank, Roundtable broke new ground when it was established in 2004 with our pluralist and nonpartisan stand. We formulate and promote public policies based on the extensive research and principles of pluralism, rationalism and individual freedom. Roundtable is committed to be a vanguard in implementing and actualizing a fundamental paradigm shift in the HK. Through our policy research and studies, we seek to contribute and understand our society.

When the concept of social capital developed in 1916, it has brought new measurement in the capacity of organizations. We believe that our social connection and participation is valuable asset which strengthen our research and inspires our thought. That’s the reason why Roundtable Institute & Network is established as a "Think Tank Plus".


Multiculturalism and pluralism are the principles of our network. Nurturing from Hong Kong’s diversified and liberal environment, multiculturalism and pluralism are the tools of communicating between groups and ideologies. We believe that the process of exchange and dialogue will lead to a definition and subsequent realization of the common good that is best for all members of society. That is the reason why Roundtable Institute and Network are inclusive to parties with different ideologies.

Youth Power

Rooted in youth activists during the Great Depression, grown in the youth peace movement in the Cold War, youth voice and rights is blossomed in the internet era. The Internet established an entirely new form of social interaction, activities and mobilization, which form is predominated by younger generation. Thus, the youth voices and influence is effectively enlarged. Beginning with 20th century, youth movement in Hong Kong and the Mainland China has been enhancing and undermining the governance capacity of public bodies. Roundtable Institute and Network believes that youth power should be concerned and embraced. Roundtable aims at building a bridge between generations, letting the innovation and conservation exchanges.